Automatic Cup sealer Machine

This automatic cup sealer machine is compact structure and easy to operate. It adopts IC computer controlling switch which is easy to be used.
The sealing is automatically finished after putting on the case or cup. The body is made of stainless steel, in line with the sanitary requirement.


Model Automatic cup sealer machine
Machine External Size L x W x H 490 x 270 x 720mm
Capacity 720pcs/hour
Power Source 110V 60Hz/220V 50 Hz
Power 530w
Weight 40KG

Why Choose Our Cup Sealer?

Our cup sealer machine is a full automation machine that requires minimum effort to reach maximum capacity.

We can see the recent trend in the food & beverage industry especially in beverages such as bubble tea, tea, or any beverage-related product. Hence, cup-sealing machines have been in high demand. Besides that, due to hygiene issues, a lot of customers would prefer their cups to be sealed instead of using a cup lid.

Our cup sealer machine is suitable for restaurants, beverage shops, milk tea, etc. You just need to put the cup into the tray, it automatically completes the process of sealing the cup, film feeding, and bonding out of the cup tray.

Full Automation System

This machine adopts an IC computer controlling switch which is easy to use. The machine body is made of stainless steel, in line with the sanitary requirements. This machine can seal 720 cups/hour. This machine weighs 40 kg. The machine size is 490 x 270 x 720mm.

The benefit of this machine is increased efficiency. You can improve the efficiency of your food preparation by using this machine. Using a machine to seal cups is faster and more consistent. Besides that, you also can make sure each cup is sealed properly and consistently sealed. Compared to a manual seal or the cup lid, this machine is able to improve the quality of your product.

The same goes for this machine, all packaging machines are able to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in the process. This will help you save cost on packaging material. This machine is also able to aid in sanitation and ensure the safety of your customer’s drink because this machine is able to ensure cups are properly and securely sealed. Our machine is very easy to use and function as well.