Automatic Carton Box Tape Sealing Machine

The carton front flap, side flap and back flap can be folded automatically, fast and smoothly by adopting mechanical-electrical integration technology, the machine can adjust the carton width, height and other parameter’s automatically. This machine is suitable for a variety of automatic production sites. Driven by side belts, upper and bottom tape head can seal the carton box at the same time.



Model Automatic Carton Box Tape Sealing Machine
Machine External Size L x W x H 2270 x 1030 x (1705-1945)
Max Carton size

Min Carton size

600 x 500 x500

250 x 150 x 180

Max Conveyor load (kg) 30kg
Width of Adhesive Tape (mm) 48/60/76 (optional)
Weight 280kg