Semi auto carton sealing machine

Our Semi auto carton sealing machine use O.P.P tape seal and pack the carton. This automatic sealing machine using adhesive tape sealing make the carton seal affixed, economic and rapid, easy to adjust, can complete upper and lower carton sealing action at the same time, you also can use the printing tape to improve the image of the product. We offer one (1) year warranty.


Model Semi Auto Carton Sealing Machine
Machine External Size
(L X W X H)
1755 MM x 800 MM x (960-1605) MM
Carton Size (W X H) Max : 500 mm x 600 mm
Min :180 mm x 130 mm
Speed (m/min) 20 m/min (30 cartons/min)
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60
Width of adhesive tape 48mm
Net Weight (kg) 150
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Why Choose Our carton sealing machine ?

Our carton sealing machine use o.p.p tape to seal the boxes. This machine seals cartons with adhesive tape in an efficient, quick and easy to adjust manager. It can also seal upper and bottom cartons simultaneously. Additionally, you can utilise printing tape to enhance the appearance of your goods such as for branding purposes.

The maximum box size for this carton sealing machine is 500mm(w) x 600mm(h). The box must be at least 180mm(w) x 130mm(h) in size. The top and bottom sealing boxes are finished simultaneously by this carton sealing machine, which uses a high power double motor up and down drive design. Approximately 1000 standard cartons per hour, with quick and reliable sealing operation completion.

This carton sealing machine max box size is 500mm(W) x 600mm(H). The minimum box size is 180mm(W) x 130mm(H). This carton sealing machine adopts high power double motor up and down drive design, the upper and lower sealing boxes are completed in one time. About 1000 standard cartons per hour, fast and stable completion of sealing operation.
The machine body is strong, wear-resistance, rust free and has a long service life. Selected high quality imported aluminium alloy roller paired with high grip conveyor belt can make the carton box travel fast on the smooth roller. It is widely utilised in the chemical industry, as well as in the manufacture of home goods, textiles, food, and cosmetics.

In compare to manually use hand to seal boxes, a carton sealing machine has a advantage of saving time and energy, especially if you business requires packing on a regular basis. Again, your workers may use the time and energy they save by using this machine to enhance other company processes. Additionally, productivity can be increased because hand taping of faulty seals and broken tapes slows down the whole production line. Using this machine results in less breaking and tearing and more dependable application. Additionally lowering costs and reducing material waste with this carton sealing machine. Employee may quickly remove the tape by hand by grasping a dry edge that is created by a ready-to-open carton seal.

The benefits of carton sealing machine is save time and energy compare by using hand, particularly if your operation has constant packaging needs.This machine will allow your staff to put their saved time and energy towards improving other business process. It also able to increase productivity as by manual taping broken tape and failed seals slow down the production line. using this machine means more reliable application, while less breaking and tearing. This carton sealing machine also reduct ur cost and limit material waste. A ready-to-open carton seal creates a dry edge that workers can grasp to remove the tape easily by hand. By making the tape stronger and preventing it from shredding when removed, the strengthened tape edge also offers an extra strong seal. Customer wont need to cut open the package with knifes, box cuttersor other sharp instruments because of this, safeguarding the contents.

At Autopak Trading, we constantly solicit feedback from our clients. This implies that in addition to the proper packaging machine, we will also recommend packaging materials. We first talk about the product you’ll be packing and the type of packaging you’ll be employing.

Our customer choice of the right machine for the packaging process will be guided by the product and packaging material. At auto pak trading, we always provide input to our customers. That means we will advise you not just the right packaging machine but also packaging material. We first discuss which product you will be packaging and which
packaging material you will be using. Our sales specialists will be happy to talk with you about your packaging, any requests for feedback, and your alternatives if you don’t already have a packaging material or if you’d like to switch to one. Throughout this procedure, we will all work together to fully fulfil your request. We can be certain that you are selecting the appropriate packing machine and that all of your needs are understood in this way.

Our premium packing equipment is a symbol of excellence help ensure consistency and productivity in your packaging process. It is crucial that the equipment resumes use as soon as feasible. We are able to provide spare components since we already have them in stock. In addition to spare components, we also provide a variety of packaging supplies.