Pallet Wrapper Machine

Our Pallet wrapper machine is PLC control. This machine is suitable for high volume pallet wrapper. We offer one (1) year warranty.


Model Pallet Wrapper Machine
Turntable Diameter 1500mm (1200 x 800mm)
Pallet Height/Weight 700-1200mm / 1500kg
Turntable Height 80mm
Power Supply 110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz 1 phase
Weight 400 KG
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Why Choose Our Pallet Wrapper?

We offer various solutions according to your needs by using automatic methods for wrapping your product.

This pallet wrapper is to use stretch film to auto-wrap pallets safely for storage and shipping.

Our pallet wrapper is a PLC control system that is more stable operation, a heavy-duty design with a rigid machine body. The pre-stretching rate can reach 250%, saving material consumption. Maximize the value of stretched film per meter.

It is suitable for container cargo transportation and bulk cargo pallet packaging. It is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemicals, food and beverage, building materials, and other industries.

Benefits of Pallet Wrapper

The benefit of this machine is reduced material cost. This machine will significantly reduce your cost compared to manually wrapping pallets. The machine is able to pre-stretch rate up to 250% than wrapping by hand. Besides saving costs, it also reduces material wastage as this machine is able to fully utilize the material instead of going to waste.

Besides saving costs, this machine is also able to increase productivity. When it comes to manual pallet wrapping, it depends on human skills, height, environmental issues, and others. However, with this machine, you won’t have to worry about all these factors as you can just use the PLC control system to easily operate this machine.

By increasing work productivity, this machine is also able to reduce occupational injuries. We heard from so many customers prior to buying this pallet wrapper machine that they have injured themselves by manually wrapping the pallets. Hence, this type of machine only requires one operator for this machine. You will also be able to reduce labor costs by investing in this machine because you no longer need 2-3 labor to manually wrap the pallet.