Stretch Wrapping Machine

Our Stretch wrapper machine is suitable for carton box. The maximum packing size is 900mm x 900mm x 900mm. It can prevent the damage of goods during the handling process and play the role of dustproof, moisture proof and cleaning.We offer one (1) year warranty.


Model Stretch Wrapping Machine (L)
Machine External Size L x W x H 1150 x 600 x 1861mm
Max Packing Size 900mm x 900mm x 900mm
Speed 30 round/minute
Max Loading 25kg
Power/Voltage 0.12Kw/ 220v, 50-60Hz
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Why Choose Our stretch wrapping machine ?

The stretch film wrapping machine malaysia is using stretch film to wrap around product with boxes and pallets. We have two types of stretch wrapping machine which is Pallet wrapper machine and stretch wrapper machine.

The pallet wrapper machine is a packaging machine that helps wrap pallets in elastic plastic film. This stretch wrapping machine contains a control panel that used to switch the device on and off as well as set parameters like rotation speed and stretching force. Additionally, this machine has a sensor that measure the pallet height. This plastic film is stretched and supported by a stretch wrap holder. This holder will moves up and down depending the design of the machine.For the stretch film plastic, theres is specific spec for machine roll.

The stretch film wrapping machine malaysia is a machine equipment that helps wrap plastic film around boxes with the max packaging size (900 x 900 x 900mm). The control panel on this machine is easy to use. According to the size of the boxes, the stretch film wrapping machine can be manually adjusted to the proper position. Simple and highly effective foot switches are use to operate for this stretch wrapping machine.

Stretch wrapping machine in malaysia have advantages over manual wrapping that they save time and energy, especially when your business requires packing on a regular basis. Your warehouse staff can use the time and energy they save by using a stretch wrapping machine to enhance other company processes. The plastic film can be pre-stretched by 200% of its original length using a conventional stretch wrapping machine. For customer who are currently wrapping by hand, this machine will result in significant savings.

This machine also package each pallet or boxes in precisely the same way, resulting in better protection than manual wrapping, which can be vary. They also make sure that your packaging is consistent and good quality. It is incredibly challenging for a warehouse worker to execute when manually wrapping a pallet. Because of the inconsistency packaging, it will cause packaging shifting ot falling during shipping which will lead to customer complaint.

Human error or mistakes tends to happens more frequent than machines. Manual wrapping will have a tendency to pull plastic film unevenly, hence this machine able to avoid that as to reduce the film waste. In contrast, stretch wrapping machine can evenly pull plastic film, reducing wastage. Additionally, the film can be stretched 200-300% of its original size. As a result, they maximise stretch wrap in addition reducing waste.

Compare to manual wrapping, this stretch wrapping machine malaysia is able to improve safety and lower accident rates for warehouse workers. To ensure that the entire pallet is wrapped, there is a lot of bending and twisting required. It is very normal employee to feel dizzy or even faint as a result of that. Manual stretch wrapping requires a lot of hard labour and frequently consumes a lot of the employee daily energy