Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine (High/Low Table)

Our semi automatic strapping machine takes Strapping tape as binding material. After inserting strap to the guide, it will finish strapping automatically. This machine comes with two models which are high table and low table.  You also can use the printing tape to improve the image of the product. We offer one (1) year warranty.


Model High Table / Low Table
Machine External Size L x W x H 895 x 565 x 735mm
1510 x 565 x 480mm
Speed 1.5sec/straps
1.5 sec/straps
Machine Tensions 5-50 KGS
5-50 KGS
Strap Width 9mm/12mm/15mm
Weight 90 KG
80 KG
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Why Choose Our Semi Automatic Strapping Machine ?

Our semi automatic strapping machine is designed to use strapping bands to tighten around items such as boxes, books, soft and hard packaging to secure the item. After the strapping band is inserted the cycle will start automatically. Our machine will dispense, tension, seal and cut the strap automatically. They have an integrated board control system to ensure precise bonding and high availability. Auto motor shut off after pausing for the present time, energy saving.

We offer two types of model for this semi automatic strapping machine which is high table (AP 707) and low table model (AP 708). The main difference between these two models highly depends on customer usage. We recommend a low table for large and heavy products because the height of the machine will make it easier for clients to place heavy items in lower height machines. For high tables, we recommend general products. The height difference for these two models is around 250mm. In terms of function and operation, these two models offer the same thing.

For strapping bands, our machine can use 9mm,12mm and 15mm. The best seller strapping band is 15mm and we sell two types of material which are recycled and new material. Polypropylene (PP) Strapping tape is cost effective and easy to use.

The advantages of using our semi automatic strapping machine is to protect your package products to prevent loss and damages by preventing individual boxes or units from falling apart. It will also help to reduce labour cost on packaging. Instead of having several people to accomplish this work, you might only need one employee to keep an eye on the machine and perform occasional maintenance. Our machine can wrap between 6-10 straps in a minute. The archless design of this machine allows for easy integration into any product assembly structure. This machine is also able to produce accurate and consistent packaging results from package to package.

We auto pak trading believe delivering quality and affordable semi automatic strapping machine to our clients. We offer a free one (1) year warranty. Even after a one year warranty, we do offer after sales services based on charges. We have over 10 years technical experience who can provide solutions to our clients when it comes to technical issues. We offer free next day delivery within klang valley area. Lastly, we also offer technical support on the spot hence less hassle for our client.

We have over 20 years of packaging experience, we supply a variety of packaging machines such as strapping machine, sealing machine, vacuum sealer machine, shrink tunnel, stretch wrapping machine etc. For packaging machines, we have professional mechanics who have more than 10 years experience in service.We also sell packaging materials such as strapping tape, opp tape, stretch film, bubble wrap, vacuum bag etc.We provide durable and high quality products with excellent technical services for our customers.